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Ageism is a thing..

I came upon this article today on LinkedIn and thought I would share:

Backlink: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-perspec-metoo-ageism-older-women-discrimination-0321-20190320-story.html

It’s sad but true-women over 50 or 60 are now being considered “older” and are definitely not as valued for their experience and wisdom in the workplace as our younger counterparts. Interviewing for a new job is challenging-although a company would never admit to it, they are typically looking for someone younger. The next generation definitely does things differently-there’s nothing wrong with that, however we shouldn’t be discounted just because of our age!

It’s frustrating for sure, especially because for most of us, we just don’t feel our age at all! We have not slowed down or become stagnant in our lives-we read, we learn, we travel, we stay in shape, we use technology and we communicate every day. We still work hard at our jobs and perform at the highest levels. We may not embrace all of the new social media apps or constantly stare at our phones, but we have not fallen behind for the most part, and our life experiences truly supersede those of the next generation.

I hope that this ageism trend doesn’t continue-as we all live longer, here’s hoping that mid-life women are considered more of an asset in the workplace rather than a “relic”.

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