Fashion over 50-Finding the right fit.

Fashion for women over 50 can definitely be a challenge-my gal pals and I talk about it all the time! It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find the right” fit”-and by “fit” I mean the right style and the right shops that cater to midlife women.

Yet we are the generation that has the most disposable income to purchase high quality fashion-so why don’t we have more options? Here are a few thoughts I have:

Midlife women aren’t all a size 4 or 6! As our bodies change, so do our fashion needs. Even though we are seeing progress around the topic of body image, the fact still remains that most models and fashion icons are tall, slender and beautiful. Most fashion designers still don’t consider our generation as part of their focus.

Designers who do focus on our generation don’t seem to get that 50 is the new 40! (or something like that) We still want to dress in stylish clothes but they also need to be comfortable and not necessarily skin tight! I definitely have a hard time finding jeans that meet my needs-we need designers who truly understand what we want and need.

Stores like Chicos and J. Jill that are supposedly focused on women over 50 don’t have clothes or salespeople that “walk the walk”. Every time I’ve walked into one of their stores, I feel like I’m way younger than everyone working or shopping there-and I know that’s not the case! White House,Black Market (whbm.com) has worked for me in the past but they have limited lines and I don’t always find things that I need or want. Nordstrom has definitely changed through the years-this store used to be my “go to” and I loved the service they provided. My local Nordstrom has very limited inventory and very limited service-I no longer shop there unless I’m in other parts of the country where the selection and service are better. (take note Nordstrom-you need to fix this)

Online shopping can only get you so far-quality and fit are difficult to determine in a photo. And if the piece doesn’t work out then typically you are stuck paying return shipping fees.

So what’s a midlife woman to do when it comes to shopping? Here are some ideas:

  1. Shop local boutiques. Not only are you supporting local business, they do tend to have unique pieces in all sizes.
  2. If you find a style of jeans, shorts, leggings, etc. that work for you, buy multiple pairs at one time!
  3. Ask your friends who have a style you like where they shop.
  4. Splurge on a stylist who can help you find new outfits in your own closet and give you some advice on some key pieces to add to your wardrobe.

There truly is not one answer that works for all of us. But here’s an article about a woman who seems to have figured it out for herself and others. She has some good tips!


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