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“Becoming” by Michelle Obama-Why I love this book

I just finished reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. It is a fantastic book and I recommend it highly. Here’s what I learned:

First and foremost, Michelle is a smart businesswoman. She knows what her goals are, what she can handle as well as what she won’t handle. You get a sense of that throughout the book. But she’s also just an “every woman” kind of gal-no pretense, not into the celebrity portion of her life-just a humble, and overall good human being.

Through it all, her priority has been her family. Starting with her parents and brother, then adding Barack and the girls, she always considered the affect her decisions would have on her family first and foremost.

She did not want to be a politician’s wife-from the beginning of Barack’s political career through his years as President, Michelle expressed her desire to have a more “normal” lifestyle. However, once it became clear that this was not going to be the case, she got onboard and supported Barack’s campaigns, then his career as a senator and then as President. She took her role seriously and championed the causes that were important to her with great success.

She gives you a behind the scenes look at the White House and how a First Family lives in the “bubble”. There’s a lot more to it than I realized.

She is a realist, a pragmatist a good friend, a great mother and a no nonsense communicator. I could definitely relate to a lot of what she said. She will inspire you to do more, and to “open your door to others”.

Put this book on your reading list for sure!


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